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Get certified with the ADA and WCAG quickly and easily with Accountable's web accessibility solution: AccountableAccess
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ADA Compliance on Autopilot

The website accessibility solution you've been looking for

Don't risk facing unwanted ADA lawsuits by implementing the most advanced website accessibility solution on your website today.
Accessibility for all

Easily comply with ADA, WCAG, and other global regulations

Our easy to install solution gives you everything you need to automatically comply with ADA and WCAG.
Inclusivity for all

Attract more customers

20% of the population has disabilities that might be excluded from using your website. Appeal to this huge group of consumers with AccountableAccess.
Automatic web accessibility
Comply with ADA and WCAG
Expand the reach of your website
Privacy Compliance

Fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA for privacy

Privacy is clearly a priority for us at Accountable so you can be assured that we take it seriously.
Potential Tax Credits

Save up to $5,000 in Tax Credits

Qualifying businesses can claim up to $5,000 in Tax Credits for expenses related to accessibility, making Accountable even more affordable than it already is!

Tax Credits

$5,000 Tax Credit
$4,000 Tax Credit
$3,000 Tax Credit
* Accountable does not provide legal advice nor advises on tax related issues please consult with your accountant or legal counsel

How it Works in 5 Simple Steps

It's time to put compliance on autopilot.

Risk Management

Easily assess and mitigate risk within your company.

Employee Portal

Train and equip your employees with security training.

Privacy Compliance

Comply with global privacy laws like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Compliance Protection

$100k Compliance Protection keeps your business safe.

Vendor Management

Keep track of vendor risk that might impact your business.

Privacy Center

Give your users a branded Privacy Center website to build trust.
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