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Now you can publicly demonstrate your company's HIPAA compliance easily with the Accountable HIPAA certification badge and company verification page.
HIPAA compliance certification

Demonstrate your compliance with our HIPAA certification badge

Since there is no official HIPAA certification process from the HHS or the OCR, thousands of health care providers and business associates choose to trust the Accountable HIPAA Seal of Compliance in order to demonstrate their organization’s adherence to HIPAA. Completion of the Accountable HIPAA Compliance Verification process is an involved multi-step process to ensure full compliance with the following regulations:

HIPAA Privacy Rule
HIPAA Security Rule
Omnibus Rule
Breach Notification Rule

As a result of completing the HIPAA compliance process, your company can earn the Accountable Seal of Compliance as a demonstration of your commitment to industry-leading best practices for security and privacy of protected health information as required under HIPAA. Accountable's five-step compliance process involves completion of an annual security risk assessment, HIPAA training of employees, adoption of privacy and security policies, assignment of a designated privacy officer, and execution of all required business associate agreements.

Once your organization has completed your compliance efforts, it is time for your compliance to start working for you. What better way to demonstrate your status than by placing the Accountable HIPAA Seal of Compliance on your website exhibiting your HIPAA certificate to your current and future clients and partners? 

Furthermore, once your organization is compliant you’ll automatically be placed in the Accountable Compliance network, the industry’s most trusted source of HIPAA compliant business associates and covered entities.

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