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Need to take your annual HIPAA training? Take our online HIPAA training course and get started on the path to compliance! Our mission at Accountable is to break down the complexities of complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act into a simple and achievable framework. Part of the process of achieving HIPAA compliance is being educated on the act, so we created this training program to give you a thorough introduction to the topic.

Our HIPAA compliance training will help you gain a basic understanding of the HIPAA rule which should help empower you to assist with your organization’s compliance efforts. The training videos will teach you about the key provisions of HIPAA, such as the HIPAA privacy and security rules, the differences between covered entities and business associates, what is protected health information and how to recognize risks to PHI, and much more. We’ve also included links to helpful articles from our blog which will provide you with much more information.

Receive a HIPAA Training Certification

Just watch these HIPAA training videos and then answer the questions on the quiz that come afterward. When you pass the quiz you’ll receive your certificate for only $25. We know that many people are required to complete HIPAA training by their managers or employers, so we have included an option where you can share your certificate with them directly from Accountable too. We’ll also give you a link that you can share in your LinkedIn profile.

HIPAA Training is an important part of being HIPAA Compliant, but not the only part

Before you get started, bear in mind that although HIPAA training is an integral part of the administrative requirement of HIPAA compliance, it isn't the only aspect. The regulations of HIPAA require that every company performs frequent and thorough risk assessments to identify risks and vulnerabilities, adopt applicable policies/procedures to safeguard PHI, execute Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with your vendors, and avoid HIPAA violations. Our HIPAA compliance software will streamline this entire process for your organization. 

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