Your Compliance Gameplan

Accountable uses a blend of technology and expert support to be your risk, compliance, and security department in the cloud.
Join hundreds of organizations that use Accountable to build trust with their board, employees, customers, & vendors.
Day One
Get started with an on-boarding call with your personal Compliance Success Manager. In this call, our team will assess compliance requirements and goals based on your specific business objectives.
Week One
With the help of your Compliance Success Manager, we will begin the process of ensuring compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA based on your company's needs.

This week you will assign a privacy officer and adopt the required policies & procedures under HIPAA.
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Policies & Procedures Published
Personnel Designations
Training Policy
Breach Notification Policy
Week Two
In week two you will begin on-boarding employees to complete their required Security Awareness and HIPAA Training. Employees will also be able to review the policies you've published in Accountable.

You will also begin adding vendors and sending Business Associate Agreements for e-signature.
Employee Portal
Security Awareness Training
Policies & Procedures
Report a Breach
Invite Employee
Invitation Status
Week Three
Begin the Security Risk Assessment to identify potential risks and gaps in your compliance and security program. Your Compliance Success Manager will be available to guide you through this process.

Company Risk Score

Technical Risk 50%
Workplace Security 38%
Employee Risk 25%
* Our team of Compliance Success Managers are available to guide you through this process
Week Four
Mitigate any and all risks identified in the Security Risk Assessment and ensure that all employees have completed the required training in Accountable.
Month One
Congratulations! You should now be fully HIPAA compliant.
Month Two
Complete your Data Inventory for all sensitive data sources within your company.

Setup company Privacy Center website to begin managing incoming data access requests as required by HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.
Month Three
Review company directory to ensure that any new employees have been onboarded as well as any new vendors your company is working with.
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Low Risk
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Amazon Web Services
High Risk
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Month Four
Complete Data Protection Impact Assessment to begin further compliance with global privacy laws. Implement privacy solutions based on gaps identified in Data Protection Impact Assessment.
Month Six
Accountable Compliance Success Managers will work with your team to ensure that the privacy frameworks your company complies with are being met.
Q3 Check-in
Continuous monitoring of vendors to identify high risk companies that you might be working with.

Begin planning for year two compliance goals.
Annual Review
HIPAA requires annual reviews of policies, annual Security Risk Assessments, as well as annual Training. This is the time that your company will continue to build upon the foundations established in year one of your compliance journey with Accountable.
Compliance Snapshot
Employees Trained
Vendors Monitored
View Report
Continuous Compliance
Your Compliance Success Manager will continue to work alongside your team to ensure that you are continuously meeting the requirements of new and existing privacy laws as they are passed and updated.
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Accountable Compliance Success Managers are dedicated to making sure your company is fully compliant as we guide you step-by-step through the process of achieving HIPAA compliance.
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