Building trust for businesses
large and small.

Accountable is building The Trust Platform to enable companies of all sizes to establish a culture of compliance, privacy, and trust throughout every level of the organization.

Accountable was founded in 2013 as a platform to help companies achieve HIPAA compliance.
Over 7,000 organizations have used Accountable to help them with compliance, privacy, and risk management.
The amount of fines and penalties paid by customers of Accountable for compliance related fines or penalties.

It started simply

Accountable was founded in 2013 by Kevin Henry with the single goal of making HIPAA compliance simple for companies.  Compliance with privacy laws has always been complicated, confusing, and time consuming but as more laws and regulations have been added over the years Accountable has continue to build tools to help companies simplify this process.

As Accountable has grown and the product matured over the years, we've found that our mission remains mostly the same: to help companies build trust across all levels of their organization. From the board of directors to employees to customers to vendors, Accountable is there to help guide you towards a better, more accountable, future of risk and compliance. we’re here

Accountable's goal is to help companies establish a culture of compliance, privacy, and trust across all levels of the organization. We're continually improving our platform to provide better tools and resources for our customers and aim to provide the best customer experience the software world has ever seen.

Join us as we continue to move forward in a world fraught with challenges in the compliance, risk, and privacy space. We're just getting started.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Do what is right

We believe that we do what is right by our customers, partners, and employees.

2. Do what is good

We believe that doing what is good is in the best interest of all involved in decisions.

3. Focus on impact

We believe in making an impact with our business in whatever challenges we take on.

4. Be data driven

We believe that data driven decision making helps us to serve our customers in the best way.

Our Office (We also work remote)

Fort Worth, Texas

3735 Fort Worth Hwy
Hudson Oak, TX 76087

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