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Advisory Services

Add On
Add privacy and compliance expert services to your plan starting at $199/month.


Add On
Add Single Sign On and a Service Level Agreement to your plan starting at $199/month.

Accountable Features

Accountable Access
Compliance Playbooks
Employee Portal
HIPAA Training
Security Awareness Training
Custom Training
Policy Templates & Management
$100k Compliance Protection
Privacy Officer/Data Protection Officer
Full Service Compliance Officer
Multiple Workspaces/Locations
Vendor Management
Vendor Risk Scoring
Vendor Security Monitoring
Vendor Risk Questionnaires
e-signature for BAA/DPA
Risk Assessments
Security Risk Assessment
Data Protection Impact Assessment
Data Request Management
Branded Privacy Center
Data Access Requests
Additional Features
Privacy Incident Management
Data Mapping & Inventory
Policy Templates & Management
Compliance Reporting (Coming Soon)
Co-Branded Dashboard
Seal of Compliance
Single Sign-On
Active Directory Sync (HRIS)
Email & Live Chat
Email, Live Chat, & Phone
Setup & Configuration
Self-Service Setup
Self-Service Setup
Guided Setup
Enterprise SLA

Common Questions

What are Workspaces used for?
Workspaces in Accountable can be used in a variety of ways. The most common use is the utilize Workspaces for individual locations for businesses with multiple offices. Each Workspace has its own Dashboard and the ability to use all of the same features as the primary account but can do so independently from the primary account. This allows a Workspace to have its own privacy officer, risk assessments, employees, vendors, and more.

Other companies use Workspaces for individual departments within their company while some use Workspaces for subsidiaries underneath their corporate account.
Is there a discount for education and non-profits?
Yes, we do offer discounts for education and 501c3 non-profits. Please email us at with questions.
Can I switch from monthly to annual at any time?
Yes, you can switch from Monthly to Annual at any time. Our contracts are annual commitments; however, so you must stay with Accountable a minimum of 12 months.
What is a Full Service Compliance Officer
The Accountable Full Service Compliance Officer acts as an extension of your team and is available to help with any compliance or risk related questions that you might have.
Will my subscription auto-renew?
All subscriptions are on an auto-renewal basis and typically use credit card as the primary payment method.

Solve HIPAA compliance with Accountable.

Risk Management

Easily assess and mitigate risk within your company.

Employee Portal

Train and equip your employees with security training.

Privacy Compliance

Comply with global privacy laws like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Compliance Protection

$100k Compliance Protection keeps your business safe.

Vendor Management

Keep track of vendor risk that might impact your business.

Privacy Center

Give your users a branded Privacy Center website to build trust.