All-in-One Risk Management Platform

Employee Portal & Training

Empower employees to be trained and take responsibility for data security, internal policies, and breach reporting within your organization.
Employee Portal & Training

Employee Portal & Training

Accountable is the leading provider of Security Awareness Training and HIPAA Training for organizations around the world. Our Employee Portal is more than training though, as employees have access to policies & procedures as well as the ability to easily report potential breaches to the company's privacy officer.

Keep your employees accountable by empowering them to take action in your risk and compliance program.

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Risk Management

Easily assess and mitigate risk within your company.

Employee Portal

Train and equip your employees with security training.

Privacy Compliance

Comply with global privacy laws like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Compliance Protection

$100k Compliance Protection keeps your business safe.

Vendor Management

Keep track of vendor risk that might impact your business.

Privacy Center

Give your users a branded Privacy Center website to build trust.

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