HIPAA Compliance Software

Take the Hard out of HIPAA

Accountable is a platform designed to help organizations manage HIPAA compliance, not just for doctors and healthcare providers, but for all organizations that are  required to be HIPAA compliant.  Our software for HIPAA compliance is the most complete solution in the industry. 

Dedicated software for HIPAA compliance

We've simplified the entire process of complying with the HIPAA, so you never have to worry about whether you are compliant again. We built an integrated HIPAA software solution that will enable you and your organization to stay on top of your compliance efforts by managing Risk Assessments, Business Associates, and track your required employee trainings.

We're so confident in what we've built, we'll let you try it for free.

Trusted by startups and large companies

HIPAA Training and Employee Portal

Easily invite employees to complete required security training. Automate reminders and manage training in a complete solution.
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Training Status
Security Rule
What is PHI
Complete Training
Send HIPAA Training Reminder

Policies and Procedures

Accountable provides all of the required HIPAA privacy and security policies. Employees can access and sign off on your policies & procedures in the Employee Portal to ensure compliance and understanding of your internal policies.

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Security Policies
Mininum Necessary Requirement
Business Associate Relationships
De-Indefication Policy
Non-Retaliation and Waiver
Workstation Security
Sign off on Policies

Business Associate Management

Easily document and assess Business Associate risk using Accountable's Vendor Management features. From creating a single source of truth for vendor relationships, to Business Associate Agreements, and even to continuous Vendor Security Monitoring, Accountable will help you reduce vendor risk.

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Business Associate Status
Terms of Agreement
Agreement Signed
Risk Level
Send BAA

It's time to put compliance on autopilot.

Risk Management

Easily assess and mitigate risk within your company.

Employee Portal

Train and equip your employees with security training.

Privacy Compliance

Comply with global privacy laws like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Compliance Protection

$100k Compliance Protection keeps your business safe.

Vendor Management

Keep track of vendor risk that might impact your business.

Privacy Center

Give your users a branded Privacy Center website to build trust.

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