Online HIPAA Risk Analysis

HIPAA is a complex and far-reaching law. Completing a HIPAA Risk Assessment should be your first step in your compliance efforts to help you identify gaps in your organization’s adherence. However, this can be a very challenging task.

Fortunately for you, we at Accountable have made it very simple. We created a free HIPAA risk analysis tool that will help you to assess shortcomings in your organization’s effort to become and maintain compliance with HIPAA. It’s simple: You answer the questions and then we’ll email you the results, which will allow you to better understand where you may be at risk of HIPAA noncompliance.

Now, this is no substitute for a complete Risk Assessment, which we feature within Accountable itself. However, you will be well served by this tool as it can give you a birds eye view of where you may be deficient and vulnerable.

Take our free HIPAA Risk Analysis and get started on the road to compliance, today!

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