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All-in-One Risk Management Platform

Keep your company safe and secure with one powerful platform.

As your company scales, the risks you face scale along with it, Accountable helps you manage that risk by giving you the tools you need to protect your company.
Privacy Compliance

Easily comply with global privacy laws

Comply with HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and more using Accountable's easy-to-use solution for privacy compliance.
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Risk Management

Manage risk by identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities

Accountable's security risk assessment and data protection impact assessment will give you confidence in risk management.

Company Risk Score

Technical Risk 50%
Workplace Security 38%
Employee Risk 25%
* Our team of Compliance Success Managers are available to guide you through this process
Vendor Management

Monitor 3rd and 4th party vendor risk with ease

Assess and monitor your vendors and partners with built in questionnaires and agreements.
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Vendor Monitoring
Employee Portal

Empower your employees

The Accountable employee portal gives your team a way to stay up to date on security awareness and HIPAA training as well as the ability to review policies or report potential security issues.
Best-in-class training
Access to policies & procedures
Allow employees to report potential breaches
Employee Portal
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Policies & Procedures
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Invitation Status

Keep important stakeholders in the loop

Share compliance, security, and privacy reports with those inside and outside your organization who need a high level view of your risk management program.
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Employee Security Training

Build trust with your customers through a branded Privacy Center

Your brand and logo

Maintain your brand with a custom URL and logo on your Privacy Center website.

Receive Data Access Requests

Simplify the process of handing inbound data requests.

Easily respond

Fulfill data access requests directly inside of Accountable to ensure compliance.

Stay compliant

Keep track of due dates, required by global privacy laws, to respond to data requests.

Ready to protect your organization?

Risk Management

Easily assess and mitigate risk within your company.

Employee Portal

Train and equip your employees with security training.

Privacy Compliance

Comply with global privacy laws like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Compliance Protection

$100k Compliance Protection keeps your business safe.

Vendor Management

Keep track of vendor risk that might impact your business.

Privacy Center

Give your users a branded Privacy Center website to build trust.
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