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HIPAA is hard, but we can help

Accountable's step-by-step approach to HIPAA compliance will lead you.
Accountable's platform was developed by experts alongside one of the top compliance law firms in the country.
Over a thousand companies have trusted Accountable with their HIPAA compliance.
We are constantly monitoring HIPAA for any changes that might affect our customers so you don't have to.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Our goal at Accountable is not to give you more work to manage, but to do everything we can to make one of the most complex regulations as simple as possible.
Compliance Dashboard

Our dashboard gives you a snapshot of your compliance in real time.

HIPAA Training

Train your employees on HIPAA through our online video training and quiz.

Privacy & Security Policies

We provide all of the required HIPAA privacy and security policies.

Security Risk Assessment

Our online risk assessment, will guide you through the questions to determine any potential risks.

Progress Monitoring

Easily monitor progress of employees and business associates.

Customer Support

Our amazing support team can help guide you through any questions.


Proudly display our HIPAA Compliant Badge on your website and printed material.

Business Associate Agreement Management

Send BAA's to partners and customers for electronic signature.

Privacy Officer

Easily assign one or more employees in your company as Privacy Officer to manage compliance in Accountable.

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Accountable helped us quickly and easily achieve HIPAA compliance.
Annabelle Porter

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