SOC 2 Compliance Software

SOC 2 Compliance Simplified

See how Accountable can help you achieve, manage, and prove your SOC 2 Compliance. Earn trust with your vendors and customers by proving your ability to keep your data and systems secure.

Dedicated software for SOC 2 compliance

A successful SOC 2 Audit can give your organization an edge over your competition by proving your credibility and trustfulness. See how SOC 2 accreditation can help you grow your  business and client base.

Trusted by startups and large companies

Security Awareness Training and Employee Portal

Easily invite employees to complete required cybersecurity training. Automate remainders and manage training in a single solution.
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Employee Training
Security Awareness Training
Data Security Strategies
Recognize Internal Threats
Complete Training
Training Completed

Complete Vendor Management toolsuite

Easily document and assess vendor risk using Accountable's vendor management features. From creating a single source of truth for vendor relationships, to Business Associate Agreements and Data Processing Agreements, and even continuous Vendor Security Monitoring, Accountable will help you reduce vendor risk.

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Vendor Risk Level

Slack 96%
Stripe 58%
Gmail 25%
Monitor your vendors risk level through Accountables dashboards

Policy and Procedure Management

We provide all of the required SOC 2 policies and procedures for your organization to implement per the compliance protocols.

Policies can be accessed, reviewed, and signed off by your employees within the portal.
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Policies and Procedures
Minimum Necessary Requirement
Business Associate Relationships
De-Indefication Policy
Non-Retaliaition and Waiver
Workstation Security
Sign off on Procedures

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