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September 24, 2020
Accountable is pleased to announce that Happy Head has taken the steps and completed all the requirements to be HIPAA Compliant.

Happy Head has achieved HIPAA Compliance with Accountable 

Accountable is pleased to announce that Happy Head has taken the steps and completed all the requirements of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and is now HIPAA Compliant. As a result of their completion of the Accountable HIPAA compliance process, Happy Head has earned the Accountable Seal of Compliance as a demonstration of their commitment to industry-leading best practices for security and privacy of protected health information as required under HIPAA.

Accountable’s HIPAA Compliance Verification process is an intricate, multi-step undertaking to ensure full compliance with the following regulations:

  • HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • HIPAA Security Rule
  • Breach Notification Rule 
  • HITECH Rule
  • Omnibus Rule

The six-step compliance process involves the completion of an annual security risk assessment, HIPAA training of employees, adoption of privacy and security policies, assignment of a designated privacy officer, and execution of all required business associate agreements. 

Accountable is proud to have guided Happy Head through the HIPAA Compliance process and verified their good faith effort to reach HIPAA Compliance. We look forward to continuing the relationship and helping Happy Head maintain compliance for years to come. 

About Happy Head

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About Accountable: 

Accountable is the most trusted HIPAA compliance management platform in the industry, helping thousands of companies reach compliance since their founding in 2013. The software was designed by HIPAA experts to help organizations manage HIPAA compliance, not just for doctors and healthcare providers, but for all organizations that are required to be HIPAA compliant by law. Accountable is the most complete solution in the HIPAA compliance industry and allows you to have complete peace of mind behind our seal of HIPAA compliance. Visit https://www.accountablehq.com/ for more information today.

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