HIPAA Compliant Workflow Management Solutions

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August 5, 2020
Workflow management software exist to provide a solution for companies to help streamline the flow of their work processes. They can be incredibly valuable to organizations to help them increase their efficiency and communication throughout the completion of tasks that involve a variety of employees.

HIPAA Compliant Workflow Management Solutions

A workflow management system is a software that is made to help organize and streamline the recurring business processes or workflows in an organization to help increase efficiency. This typically looks like creating a form of some sort that will hold data and automatically manage a sequence of tasks to be followed in order to complete the process. Workflows contain all of the necessary steps for a task, the resources needed for each step plus the person who is assigned to accomplish that task. A successful workflow management system will increase productivity, efficiency and communication within a team, making it a valuable resource. However, for covered entities and business associates that need to comply with HIPAA, there needs to be another level of research to verify that the Workflow Management software you are looking to use is also able to be HIPAA compliant. This includes being able to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the software company to ensure their share of responsibility in the event of a breach. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you and created a round-up of some of the best HIPAA compliant workflow management softwares!


KiSSFLOW is a cloud-based software designed to help leaders build workflows that will specifically help the operations of their organization. The technology is user-friendly which allows people to create applications in their own way rather than with a complicated software structure or through coding. All of the data that is stored through these forms is kept in the Google Cloud SQL data center which automatically encrypts the data, making it HIPAA compliant. Since KiSSFLOW was built for Google Apps, it integrates easily with those apps as well as many others like Salesforce, DocuSign and more. 

KiSSFLOW is a great option for a HIPAA compliant workflow management system. If you are looking to use them within your healthcare organization, make sure to follow through and sign a BAA with them to ensure that both parties agree to holding responsibility for their actions in the event of a breach. Reach out to them at contact@kissflow.com to begin discussions for signing a BAA between the two of you!

ServiceNow Platform

ServiceNow created the Now Platform which is a solution to build workflow apps that can be used for a variety of work processes that help to increase communication and collaboration among employees. The product was created to work with IT, employee and customer workflows. Not only is the Now Platform capable of being HIPAA compliant, but they have actually provided a white paper that outlines all of the security controls that are available through the platform to comply with HIPAA. Read through this document to see how ServiceNow outlines their commitment to the BAA process and all of their technical safeguards. 


AppSheet is a platform that allows business leaders to create apps that are specifically adapted to the unique processes within their organization. The apps that are made can contain features like sending emails or notifications, generating reports, accepting signatures, capturing images and logging locations. Beyond this, AppSheet apps are able to be easily integrated with lots of other valuable kinds of software like all of the Google Apps, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services and DropBox. Although AppSheet does not clearly offer BAA on their website, the founder has mentioned that they are willing to sign BAAs with specific customers which can be discussed following an email request to sales@appsheet.com

Quick Base 

Quick Base is another app development platform that does not require any coding. Rather, users are able to use templates or start from scratch to easily build the apps that will work for their organization’s needs. The steps and actions within these applications can trigger the next person to have to fulfill their responsibility, increasing collaboration within the office. Quick Base is also able to integrate with other software that you may be using like NetSuite, Gmail, Salesforce and more. Luckily, this great software is also committed to security and compliance so that their software can be used to build secure apps. To confirm this, Quick Base signs Business Associate Agreements with their clients as needed, either on a yearly or multi-year basis. 

Process Street

Process Street is a cloud-based software that allows organizations to make checklists, operations manuals, and other documents using trigger based workflows that can be used for recurring projects or tasks, allowing them to streamline their business process management and recurring workflows. Users can quickly create and customize organized checklists that allow them to utilize conditional logic, assign tasks, track progress, and approvals, and integrate the tools your team already uses. This helps in increasing transparency, adaptability and improves team collaboration, thus bringing more efficiency and agility to your workflow.

Workflow management software companies exist to provide a solution for companies to help streamline the flow of their work processes. They can be incredibly valuable to organizations to help them increase their efficiency and communication throughout the completion of tasks that involve a variety of employees. However, the usefulness of software can’t always be used by HIPAA covered entities and business associates because they have to be mindful of the privacy and security requirements of HIPAA. These five workplace management softwares are confirmed to be both HIPAA compliant and useful for increasing productivity. 

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