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July 22, 2020
Collecting patient information online can be challenging due to the challenges of complying with HIPAA. Fortunately, there is a solution that allows medical practices to collect patient information online, speeding up the check in process. Continue to read about Jotform!

Jotform HIPAA Compliance

JotForm is an online form building company whose software creates forms of all kinds that can be easily edited and encrypted for organizations to use. Luckily for all HIPAA covered entities, JotForm provides a large gallery of important HIPAA compliant forms that are perfect for organizations that need to collect or share protected health information securely. JotForm is a leader in providing these forms to HIPAA compliant companies and below you’ll see all of the benefits that have made them so popular!

Key JotForm Features   

Customizable HIPAA Templates 

JotForm has a wide selection of healthcare-specific form templates that can be used to simplify many different processes that occur regularly in the healthcare industry. These templates, which are easily customizable, are available for things like collecting bill payments, new patient enrollment, appointment scheduling, patient feedback, medical history tracking, and more. Take a look here to see the wide range of useful templates that the platform provides.

Create Forms Effortlessly 

Alongside the many easy HIPAA templates that JotForm has already created, it only takes minutes and no prior skill to customize these HIPAA-compliant forms through the JotForm application portal. Since they are so easy to edit, building a form that fits all of the fields you need is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse! JotForm is one of the only software companies in the industry that is HIPAA compliant, which allows healthcare providers to utilize or create fillable PDF forms that are convenient for providers and patients alike. Organizations can also add the e-signature feature to any form, which allows patients to be able to sign the form electronically. Patients can also easily upload photos, videos or other documents to the forms to make it simple for medical professionals to collect the important patient data that they need. 

Software Integration

One great thing about JotForm is its ability to easily integrate with other software, like Google Sheets, so that information can be gathered easily and stored together under one roof where all personnel can access it. Being able to integrate the forms that you are creating with the tools and apps that are already being used in your organization allows your performance to increase. JotForm can be easily integrated with software like Salesforce, Mailchimp, PayPal, Slack, and more. Remember that you must make sure that the software that you are planning to integrate is also HIPAA compliant and you should sign a business associate agreement with them, too! 

Securely Store PHI 

Since JotForm is a HIPAA compliant software platform, their HIPAA forms are created to automatically encrypt the data within the form, which secures all of the PHI, or protected health information of the patient. Plus, you’ll sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with JotForm to guarantee their liability in protecting the important information that the forms will contain. 

HIPAA Compliance Checker

Beyond ensuring that their own product is HIPAA compliant for healthcare providers, JotForm also has a website feature that helps you identify other software that you can use. Their HIPAA Compliance Checker allows you to check if a wide variety of commonly used platforms are HIPAA compliant or have the capability to become compliant with a few steps. Determining whether or not resources are HIPAA compliant can be a common challenge for organizations in the healthcare industry so this free feature is very valuable for those entities! 

Accept Online Payments

Another great addition to JotForm is the ability for patients to pay their medical bills or copayments directly through your forms. To make the payment processing simple, JotForm offers integrations with tons of trusted payment gateways like Square, PayPal, Stripe and more. Payments made through these forms are protected by PCI and GDPR compliance. This capability allows healthcare providers to receive payments quickly and patient’s can rest easy knowing that their payment information is safe. 

As health organizations know, collecting and securing health information can be a difficult task. This is exactly why the JotForm platform is packed with features that will help organizations that need to be HIPAA compliant easily collect and manage all of the HIPAA forms they could need. Between the gallery of HIPAA compliant forms, the guarantee of securely storing PHI and HIPAA Compliance Checker, JotForm is a very valuable tool for all kinds of organizations in the healthcare industry. 

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