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HIPAA Compliance Software for Covered Entites

HIPAA is complex. We make it easy for healthcare providers to be compliant.

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Accountable's platform was developed by experts alongside one of the top compliance law firms in the country.
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Over a thousand companies have trusted Accountable with their HIPAA compliance training.
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We are constantly monitoring HIPAA for any changes that might affect our customers so you don't have to.

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HIPAA Compliance Management Software

HIPAA is a big, complex law with wide-ranging consequences for non-adherence, which can make the task of complying with it seem daunting. That was why we created Accountable: a complete solution that simplifies the process of becoming HIPAA compliant so you can focus on your time and effort on providing healthcare to your patients. 

Get your team trained in HIPAA compliance, identify possible breaches with the risk assessments, implement policies and procedures for your practice, and manage your Business Associate Agreements. Sound like a lot? You can easily keep track of it all with our intuitive dashboards.

Oh, and we almost forgot: it is free to get started.


All in one cloud-based HIPAA Management Software

We did all the hard work of making HIPAA compliance simple so you can focus on providing exceptional healthcare to your patients.
Compliance Dashboard

Monitor the progress of your HIPAA compliance through our real-time dashboards.

HIPAA Training

Our HIPAA training videos will give your team a detailed understanding of HIPAA.

Privacy & Security Policies

We will provide you with the privacy and security policies to safeguard PHI.

Security Risk Assessment

Identify potential liabilities through detailed Risk Assessments.

Progress Monitoring

Monitor the progress of your employees and business associates.

Customer Support

Our support team can help guide you through any questions you may have.

Business Associate Agreement Management

Managed your  Business Associates Agreements and monitor their compliance.

Privacy Officer

Easily assign one or more employees in your company as a privacy officer to oversee your organization’s compliance.

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Accountable helped us quickly and easily achieve HIPAA compliance.
Annabelle Porter

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