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November 8, 2023
Discover how to efficiently and securely offboard departing employees with Accountable, ensuring HIPAA compliance throughout the process. Rely on our trusted solution to protect your company's data and compliance status.

In today's fast-paced business world, designing a flawless offboarding process for departing employees is critical. At Accountable, we provide an advanced compliance software solution to handle this process with precision and efficiency. This blog post will walk you through each step of utilizing Accountable for your offboarding needs, ensuring your company remains in full compliance with HIPAA regulations at every turn.


Accountable securely archives all employee data when they leave, establishing an easily retrievable record for future reference, and assuring compliance with data retention policies. Let's discuss how to achieve this!

  • First, navigate to 'People'
  • Then, select 'Manage All'
  • Check the check box next to the departing employees name
  • In your upper-right, you will see a button labeled 'Offboard' in blue
  • Click the confirmation in the prompt following hitting the blue button

And, boom! The employee record is archived for your reference in the future and access to Accountable is disabled for that user.

Removing Access to Company Systems

For your consideration, please be sure to terminate access to company systems containing PHI for this employee/their profile. Be sure to disable applicable accounts, gather up any company assets this person may have had and ensure they have returned anything which they need to.

Conclusion: Simplify Offboarding with Accountable

Secure your company's data and ensure compliance during employee transitions with Accountable. Trust us to support your offboarding needs, offering a secure, streamlined, and compliant solution.

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