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Accountable will guide you step-by-step through the process of achieving and managing HIPAA compliance.

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Compliance is about more than just checking the box. It's about your team and outside partners, too. Accountable not only makes it easy to achieve HIPAA compliance, but helps your company establish a culture of compliance and build trust with your partners and customers.

Build a culture of compliance

Create internal practices that help to establish a culture of compliance with your employees and teams, so it's simple for everyone to be on the same page.

Educate your employees best practices

Easily invite employees to complete the online HIPAA training. Automate reminders and manage training in a complete solution.

HIPAA Training >

Identify potential risks and gaps in security

Quickly examine your current security practices and manage risks or gaps that might leave your company at risk.

Risk Assessments >

Rapidly respond to potential breaches

Establish a system for employees to report potential incidents related to privacy within your company.

Privacy Incident Response >

Establish trust with your partners

Build trust with your partners, clients, and users with Accountable in away that is designed to engage those outside your organization.

e-Sign agreements with outside vendors

Easily manage all of your vendors that need to sign BAA's or DPA's with your company. Monitor risk levels through vendor risk assessments.

Vendor Management >

Create a branded Privacy Center

Build trust with your customers and users by letting them make data access requests through your beautify and branded Privacy Center.

Data Requests & Privacy Center >

Showcase your compliance

Demonstrate your company's compliance with HIPAA by utilizing the HIPAA Seal of Compliance on your website or other printed materials.

HIPAA Seal of Compliance >

Have peace of mind

You're not alone! Our team of Compliance Success Managers is available to guide you through the process. Rest easy knowing that your company is covered in the event of a breach or audit with $100k Compliance Protection.

Personal guidance every step of the way

You will never be alone in the process of becoming HIPAA compliant as your own Compliance Success Manager is always available to guide you.

Compliance Success Team >

$100k Compliance Protection

Ensure that your company is covered with an industry first guarantee that provides up to $100,000 in protection in the event of a breach or audit.

$100k Compliance Protection >

World class support is only a click away

Need help? Our support team is around to assist you at every turn. Don't stress about complicated processes, we're designed around simplicity.

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More features worth discovering

Our goal at Accountable is not to give you more work to manage, but to do everything we can to make one of the most complex regulations as simple as possible.
Compliance Dashboard

Easily monitor to do list items for your company to continuously manage compliance.

HIPAA Training

Train your employees on HIPAA through our online video training and quiz. We will automatically remind those employees when it is time for annual training.

Robust Policy Management

Quickly review, modify, and adopt all of the required HIPAA privacy and security policies right inside Accountable. Version and publishing controls included.

Security Risk Assessments

Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities with the required annual HIPAA Risk Assessment and Data Protection Impact Assessment.

Data Requests & Privacy Center

Easily manage incoming data access requests from your users through a beautiful and branded Privacy Center.

Compliance Success Team

Our amazing team of HIPAA Experts can help guide you through any questions pertaining to the product or overall compliance

Business Associate Agreement Management

Send Business Associate Agreements (BAA's) for e-signature to partners or vendors to ensure compliance with HIPAA.

Privacy Incident Response

Ensure that your company is fully compliant by letting employees easily report potential breaches so you can investigate potential incidents.

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